How To Stop Hair Loss?

How To Stop Hair Loss?

If you find clump of hair every time you brush your hair, or if you wake up in the morning to find lost hair on your pillow ,I have 3 yoga poses for you that can help!

Those poses increases the blood circulation to the scalp and strengthens the roots so you can have thick full hair just like a lion mane!

drop this brush and let’s begin!

Pose #1
Forward fold
The easiest pose for hair growth!
Simply bend down and let your head hang over the floor, to increase blood circulation in your head & scalp.

Pose #2
Rabbit pose
Have you seen bold rabbit lately? No right.
This pose stimulated your hair follicle and makes them stronger to prevent further hair loss.

Pose #3
This awesome pose relieves stress and increases the blood flow to the head and the scalp resulting in hair growth and preventing them to fall.

Now my friend it’s your turn!
go, do those poses, and share this video
with a friend or 2 😉

And always remember to do yoga
It just makes life better!






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