My Solutions for Hair Loss in Women & KeraHeath Review

My Solutions for Hair Loss in Women & KeraHeath Review

Hello! Join me in sharing tips for better thicker brighter stronger hair for the mature woman. Techniques, oils and great supplements and more. I review KeraHealth Supplements and show before and after footage! I also share with you the pain of hair loss and a terrible experience I had last year before my hair started to improve. I love you to the moon and back and if you have time….share your own hair loss story or thinning experience. Now is the time to hear from you!
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-After 1-month hair loss is dramatically reduced, nails are stronger
-As of second and third month, the hair grows faster
-As of second and third month the hair grows faster
-As of third month, skin is brighter
-As of 4th month hair is stronger and brighter
-As of 5th / 6th month hair is growing at is maximum speed and strength – They recommend taking treatment supplements for 6 months per year.
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