New Update On Hair Loss Cure πŸ‘¨πŸΏβ€ This Remedy Shrinks Bald Spots And Increase Hair Growth In DAYS

New Update On Hair Loss Cure πŸ‘¨πŸΏβ€ This Remedy Shrinks Bald Spots And Increase Hair Growth In DAYS

Clinically proven hair loss solution that really works to regrow hair in both men and women.

New Update On Hair Loss Cure πŸ‘¨πŸΏβ€ This Remedy Shrinks Bald Spots And Increase Hair Growth In DAYS
This hair-rescuing plant is the secret reason that the men and women of the Seminole Indian tribe NEVER go bald.

You’ve probably heard of the Seminole Indian tribe already. They’re the mascot of Florida State University. They’re traditionally from Florida, where they’ve lived for centuries.

And like many Native American tribes, their hair plays a big part in their culture.

Both men and women wore their hair long and flowing, even into their old age. The Seminole tribe often cut their hair in unique styles, shaving the sides but leaving long braids. In the past, they believed any hair that fell out could be used in black magic against you. So they took extra care to protect it.

It wasn’t until the last century or so, that people started to realize something shocking about the Seminoles (and about many Native American tribes)…

Their hair doesn’t thin.

Long into their old age, their hair stays thick and full.
Baldness simply doesn’t exist for the Seminoles.

Scientists have tackled the issue, examining everything from climate to genetics.

Recently, researchers have discovered something fascinating about the Seminole lifestyle…

One of their natural remedies for urinary and reproductive health has the added effect of balancing DHT and protecting hair follicles.

It’s what I sometimes call β€œRazor Grass.”

This natural remedy is a relative of palm trees, called…
Saw Palmetto
…and it’s one of the most potent natural DHT‑inhibitors in the world.

In 2002, a doctor named Nelson Prager decided to test it for himself. He organized a study of 26 men, aged 23 to 64.1 He gave half of them an extract of Saw Palmetto, and he gave the other half a placebo (a sugar pill).

After 4 months, he measured the results. Dr. Prager reported:
Patients who took Saw Palmetto extract were 600% more likely to restore thicker hair.

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And the patients themselves reported that they noticed:

Bald spots shrinking…

Increased hair growth, and…

Higher satisfaction with their hair.

Dr. Prager later announced to the scientific community: β€œThese findings show a markedly positive response to treatment.”

Now, that was a small study, with only 26 participants, but it kicked off the health community’s interest in Saw Palmetto as a solution to hair loss.

Once the word was out, researchers were lining up to test it out for themselves. After all, hair loss impacts 85% of men, and over 40% of women.

But those researchers had greedy motives.

Hair loss treatment is a $3.6 BILLION dollar industry. A new, all-natural treatment could add even more to the pharmaceutical companies’ profits. Especially if they could turn it into a drug.

To start out, they had to be absolutely positive that this natural ingredient was safe.
Research published in The Journal of Urology10 and Complementary Therapies in Medicine11 gave Saw Palmetto extract to over 600 adults and found zero harmful effects.

Once they’d determined there were no side effects, they wanted to make sure they understood scientifically why Saw Palmetto extract reversed hair loss.

The industry funded scientists all over the world to evaluate how this plant rescues your hair.

The Albany College of Pharmacy in New York12 summed up this research, revealing what I explained to you a few moments ago: that Saw Palmetto is a DHT‑inhibitor.

With less DHT in your system, your follicles continue the Hair Growth Cycle of β€œgrow, shed, regrow,” and you keep β€” or regrow β€” the hair on your head, breathing a sigh of relief that you rescued your hair.

You can imagine, Big Pharma was practically drooling over their imagined new profits from this natural plant.

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